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CONGRATUATIONS on GREAT performances in Pittsburgh!!!


     Beloved Ballerinas – Gold Award

     Big Noise – High Gold Award

     Hallelujah – High Gold Award, PERFECT PAIR Award

     The End of the Line – High Gold Award, 2nd Overall Highest Scoring Award

     Trip A Little Light – High Gold Award, 4th Overall Highest Scoring Award, CLASSY TAP ~ FRED &                                             GINGER Award

     You Could Drive A Person Crazy – High Gold Award, 3rd Overall
                                        Highest Scoring Award


     Always Look On the Bright Side – Platinum Award, 3rd Overall
                                       Highest Scoring Award, SIMPLE & CUTE Award

     Revolting Children – High Gold Award

     The Tea Party – High Gold Award, CONSTANT CHARACTER Award


     Congratulations to Lila and Layla for being recognized on their outstanding performance in               classes and earning scholarships to the summer MUSICAL THEATER Intensive!



Congratulation to our 11 dancers for a fabulous performance at
            Sheer Elite's Cincinnati Regional Competition!

  • Beloved Ballerinas = Titanium & 3rd Overall  -  Lila Donegan & Maci Skubovius

  • Big Noise = Titanium  -  Abbey Eichenmiller

  • Hallelujah = Platinum & 5th Overall  -  Aubrey Magsamen & Ella Pawlowski

  • The End of the Line = Titanium & 1st Overall  -  Lindsey Eichenmiller & Ella Shur

  • Trip A Little Light = Titanium & 2nd Overall and SHEER RHYTHM AWARD  -  Ben DePould & Finleigh Johnson

  • You Could Drive A Person Crazy = Titanium & 1st Overall and SHEER PROFESSIONAL AWARD  -  
                                                                                 Abbey Eichenmiller & Layla Williamson

  • Always Look On the Bright Side = Diamond & 1st Overall and SHEER TECHNIQUE AWARD and MOST INNOVATIVE AWARD

  • Revolting Children = Titanium Award & 2nd Overall

  • The Tea Party = Titanium Award & 1st Overall

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