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Registration for our 2022-23 classes
will take place August 22nd, 24th & 29th 5-7pm.
Please call the Studio or email the director to register.
NEW students registered by August 29th can register for free!
Please see our class schedule & tuition pages for more info.

                             Come put on your dancing shoes and stay a while!  

There is a $15.00 NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee and first month's tuition fee
will be due at the time of registration to hold your class space.

Registration forms can be downloaded below.  Class placement details are below.

Charlotte Braun Dance Studio offers instruction in Ballet, Pointe, 
Tap, Jazz, Lyrical and Modern, as well as workshops in Drama, 
Musical Theatre and many other forms of dance!

Please note these class placement guidelines:

In general, because ballet is the foundation for all other forms of dance,
students who study ballet need only be 3 1/2 years old to begin tap,
5 years old to begin jazz, and 9 - 10 years old to begin lyrical.
Students not studying ballet need to be at least 5-6 years old to begin tap,
6-7 years old to begin jazz, and cannot study lyrical (which is a form of ballet).

Class Placements are based upon each student's age, experience, size, and ability.
Final decisions on class placement remain with the instructor.

Ballet - is the foundation for all other forms of dance.  It should be studied first, and in combination with all other forms of dance.

Tap - promotes rhythm and musicality.

Jazz - promotes dynamics and performance quality, and is best taught after a solid foundation in ballet & tap.

Lyrical - is a combination of ballet & jazz, and refines the trained dancer.

Modern - is a more expressive style of dance that focuses on fluidity, balance and the quality of movements.

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