Our 2021 Summer Dance Workshops will be held July 5th - Aug 5th.
Summer Workshops are separate from the regular class schedule.
Registration is now happening, and will continue until classes are full.

To register, please call 440-885-1313 or email at pattyb1219@gmail.com.
Please call the studio with any questions. 

Remember, summer workshops are a great time to get ahead or try a new class!


For your information...Workshop classes are designed to include multiple levels and ages of dancers in each class,
allowing students to work at their own level and be challenged to their highest potential.
In general, we use the following guidelines to determine class placement.  However,
final decisions regarding class placement and readiness are at the discretion of each teacher.
Generally, because ballet is the foundation for all other forms of dance,
students studying ballet need only be 3 1/2 -4 years of age to begin tap,
4 1/2 -5 years of age to begin jazz, and 8-10 years of age (with at least 2 ballet classes per week) to begin lyrical.
Students not studying ballet should be at least 5 years of age to begin tap,
6-7 years of age to begin jazz, and cannot study lyrical (which if a form of ballet).

Our 2021 tentative Summer Class schedule is listed below.

Scroll Down to See All Days, Times, and Classes

Half of your summer workshop tuition will be due
on your first day of classes.
The remaining half will be due the third week of classes.

See our TUITION page for price information.  

As always, generous multiple class & sibling discounts will be given!
For returning families, your tuition will be similar to your current monthly tuition amount.

Summer Dress Code


Ballet Dress Code:

Wednesdays = black leotards for all)

Preschool  = pink leotard, pink tights, pink tutu

Jazz & Lyrical= solid colored leotard, pink or tan tights

Red/Purple/Yellow I/Blue II/Navy II/Maroon II = black leotard, pink tights

Blue I = light blue leotard, pink tights (Mondays) 

Navy I = navy blue leotard, pink tights (Mondays)

Maroon I = maroon leotard, pink tights (Mondays)

Blue I, Navy I, Maroon 1 = plain black leotard, pink ballet and pointe shoes, pink tights

All Tap classes = plain solid colored leotard, tap shoes, pink tights or socks

All Jazz & Lyrical classes = solid colored leotard, jazz shoes, pink, black or tan tights

**FOR ALL CLASSES, hair must be worn in a secure bun.**

**A strong anti-perspirant/deodorant must be worn during all classes!**


White T-Shirt, black or navy shorts, appropriate shoes.